End of semester questions.. part 2

December 2, 2009

5) I liked the requirements for this course. The two portfolios were my favorite assignments. It allowed me to cover a variety of genres and compile a set of my favorite works. I also enjoyed getting feedback from my pieces from classmates. Picking an order for my portfolio was also enjoyable. I laid all my pieces on my floor and chose an order I thought fitting.

6) I enjoyed covering an array of genres. I identified my weaknesses and was able to work on them. I also enjoyed reading my classmates works and different genres. Poetry is probably my least favorite because I sit and struggle with every line. Short stories are my favorite because I find it easier to understand what is going on in the piece. No one else did musical pieces, but I enjoyed the two I did for this class. “Running to Nowhere” was a piece I wrote before this class and “Loving Hands” was written after. It is very interesting to compare and contrast these pieces.

7) No I did not. I found this to be a waste of time. It was almost as if we were running in circles stating obvious facts. With that being said, it is something that needs to be determined because we have to get a grade for this course. I think class attendance, improvement, effort, and fulfillment of requirements should be what determines our grades.

8) The blog not so much, the journal definitely. I carried my journal in my bag and whenever something came up, I jotted it down. I often found it hard to blog and come up with something to blog about. It is nice having it online though because an audience can easily identify it. I think both are necessary for this course.

9) My blog was mainly an online journal. I talked about events that happened in the day or something that pops up in my mind. I did post “The Callings” on my blog and turned it into a short story that ended up in my final portfolio.

10) Having no experience in education, it is hard to evaluate your teaching abilities. However, I personally believe I have learned a great deal in this course. I believe you are very well education in creative writing and was effectively able to teach us. Class was enjoyable and was a great learning experience. It was different then my accounting classes, and I believe our class created friendships. Great job!

11) For students taking this in the future, I would say… Have fun, let your imagination run wild, who cares about a grade! I have learned so much in this course, a grade is not really important to me. What is important is what I have taken from this course. I can write better, speak better, read better, and now enjoy them all!


End of Semester Questions

November 24, 2009

1) I do not have one specific writing assignment that was my favorite. I enjoyed writing on the blog most because I knew I would have an audience for it. I enjoyed receiving comments/feedback on my blogs. I also enjoyed reading my fellow classmate’s blogs.

2) I also do not have one specific writing assignment that was my least favorite. I had no motivation to do the cover letter for submission because I have no interest to get any writing published. However, I do have interests to get music on the radio. I think I can use some strategies we talked about in class to get published and use them for ways to get music on the radio.

3) I really enjoyed full group workshops. It was very nice to go outside at the beginning of the semester. My feedback was improving as the semester went on and I enjoyed analyzing work of others. I also enjoyed receiving feedback on the two pieces I did for workshop. I felt like my classmates did a great job analyzing my piece and giving me feedback.

4) With that being said, I liked large workshops better than small workshops. A lot of time was wasted in class after we finished our small workshops. We could of used this time to have more writing assignments. I did develop friendships with my group members and learned a lot about them and their writing. It was interesting to see how I was noticing similarities and writing styles in a variety of works from my group members.

I will finish this assignment in another blog.

Creative Writing Is…

November 24, 2009

1) Creative writing is an ongoing process where no matter how good you get, you can always get better. Similar to chess in that it takes minutes to learn yet years to master. Writing thoughts, ideas, experiences, in ways that one would not normally except. To let your imagination run wild without limits. To write a paper with no guidelines and no topic. That is creative writing, at least to me.

2) Still not very experienced when it comes to reading. My mind is always wondering what is the big picture. Why can’t I just read the text and enjoy what is there without wondering why this was written? Always enjoyed song-writing. That is my experience with creative writing.

3) Writers are made. As one encounters different experiences in their lives, their creativity expands. Creative writers can use experiences they have and write about them in ways others would have never have thought of.

4) The more I read, the more educated I become. Not only am I learning new words I have never heard of, but I am given ideas to think and possibly write about. I find as I write I am relaxed and excited at the same time. I want to write something that someone will find meaningful one day.

5) Comfort, motivation, and enjoyment. Creative writing covers them all.

6) Yes. Mainly hoping to increase my song-writing. Who knows, maybe you will hear a song or two by me on the radio someday.

Sparks Fly

November 4, 2009

Sparks fly like millions of birds shot out of a cannon. Smoke fills the air like fire on a cold winter night. Chaos is here, there is nothing you can do. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, chaos on the menu. Rattle snakes loose, better wear your running boots. Comfort dissolved, comfort zone minimial. Seat belts useless, mine as well crash into the brick wall your eyes can’t let go. Snow will downpoor and cover the Earth no matter how much you eat. Yellow teeth remain no matter how much money you waste. Let go of your past like letting go of your first love. Chaos is here, and there is nothing you can do.

A bunch of nothing

November 2, 2009

Scribble on a notebook, say what you mean. You only live once, and you have something to say. Write it, read it, sing it, scream it, act it. Intelligence is creativity and we all can be creative in our own way. Wait a minute, what does the bible say? The bible says be slow to speak. Good point. If we are constantly rambling, obviously we are going to say something repetitive, incorrect, etc. AHHH, big risk big rewards. Gamblers put it all on the line and some walk away happily. The sick may undergo surgery with little chance of survival and end up living a full happy life.

Like someone? Love someone? Tell them, what are you waiting for? Hiding? Afraid? Stop it, and tell someone. Or you can be quiet, but no one ever hears your inner thoughts. They may sense them out of your emotions, but to be safe, tell them.

Be creative! Paint a tree and run on ice. Stop doing homework, take a day off for once. Eat something bad for you, smoke a cigarette, drink a beer. Mess up your room, mess up your friends room. Get inside a shopping cart in a store, sing your heart out in church. Raise your hand in class, burp when you have to. Speed on the highway, speed in the country, you only live once.

Got a few extra dollars? Buy something for yourself. Smile, no really smile. Hate sports? Go to a hockey game and pretend to love it. Take your girlfriend/boyfriend on the craziest date ever such as a pillow fight in a park. Bring that significant other flowers and tell them you love them.

Get out of your comfort zone! It is easy there, anyone can do it. Be brave, prove people wrong. Go somewhere you haven’t been and make a new friend! Kiss your grandparents and take them out to dinner! Dont have grandparents? Go to a nursing home and bring a deck of cards or a puzzle.

Whatever you do, dont listen to me. Do what you want to do. But make sure when you look back on your life you did not miss any opportunities to be yourself.

Sea Breeze

November 2, 2009

Sea breeze is beautiful and it feels soft and comforting against your face like a soft feathered pillow. Damp sand below, cloudless sky above. Bright shining stars break through the darkness, there is peace here. Water takes its turn on the shore, and then falls back into the deep sea. The wind is softly blowing behind you and brushes your bare skin. Finally, you can let go of everything and be at peace, finally. Dont you get it? Beauty, peace, love, grace, it is here. The moment I have been waiting for arrives, a smile comes to your face.

No answers here

October 31, 2009

What would life be like without music?
What would sleep be like without dreams?
What would an ice cream Sunday be like without ice cream?
What would a fire be like without wood?
What would beauty be like without sight?
What would pleasure be like without feeling?
What would racism be like without color?
What would be second if there was no first?
What would be organization without structure?
What would be good if there was no bad?
What would be fortune if there was no money?
What would be sad if our eyes told us not to cry?
What makes a piece a piece if it is just questions?
Sometimes I am left with more questions than answers.


October 26, 2009

What does it take to be remembered? Remembered by many or just one? I love the quote, “To the world you may be one, but to one you may be the world”. I have learned that quality trumps quantity, and life is all about relationships. That is, your relationship with people, and your relationship with God. Think about it, what are we without relationships? Do we even exist without them? I value my relationship with my family, my girlfriend, and my friends. Without them, I am nothing more than a phsycial being.

When I die, how many remembered me is not half as important as who remembers me. Everyday, we are faced with hundreds of opportunities to show love. Holding a door for someone with groceries in their hands. Helping someone up after they have fallen, ect. Its amazing how a little act of kindness can reach and touch people in very significant ways.

Remember him,
Remember her?
Remember when,
Remember why?
Do you remember

Ups and downs

October 19, 2009

Cold weekend filled with homework. Can only do that so long before I need a break, time for food. After the guy took my order, I sat down and waited patiently. The next guy orders and begins talking about his unfortunate day. The cashier looked up and replied, “for every down there is an up to follow”. All day that stuck in my head. When a single string breaks on a guitar, the rest become almost useless. All six are needed and work together. But once a new string is added, the guitar sounds better then before. After every down, an up will follow. Ok, enough guitar, more homework.


October 6, 2009

Shit, evolution. I think that is the first time I have ever sworn in a blog. Shit. That’s the second, wow, not really my style. Just had to get past it. Like jumping a hurdle, climbing a ladder, passing a test, you get the idea. Monday night football, beer, and evolution. Where did you come from? Where did I come from? Christians who deny evolution. Scientists who laugh at Christianity bother me. Somewhere in the middle is where I feel most comfortable. Did Adam and Eve really exist, or are they simply metaphors? Back rubs feel great, music is soothing, evolution always is accompanied by a headache. In the end, I try not to worry. Questions will always be there. I wake up, do what I love to do, treat people well, and leave the rest up to the man upstairs.